This richly illustrated volume is a record of two families and the businesses they grew in Asia over the course of more than a century. An inspiring tale of entrepreneurship, adventure, resilience and, above all, integrity, Three Mackerels takes the reader on a journey from a small town in Denmark to the heart of China, taking in the bright lights of Hong Kong, the islands of Southeast Asia and the remotest Australian outposts on the way.

Looking beyond familiar shores and following the lure of the East, Jacob Jebsen and Heinrich Jessen set off for Shanghai in the late 1800s, armed with the maritime knowledge and pioneering spirit of their ancestors, and fuelled with the desire to create their own future. 1895 saw the launch of Jebsen & Co., their joint enterprise which was to weather World Wars, financial crises and personal loss, to remain a steadfast and tremendously successful concern that is still a family business, alongside Jebsen & Jessen SEA and Jebsen & Jessen Hamburg, today.

  • Client:Jebsen & Co.
  • Description:A 200-page corporate history in the form of a hardcover coffee-table book
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